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Gone are the days when you have to spend so much money for RGV House Leveling & Foundation Repair with little to no results..

Get it.  Here at Angel House Leveling we understand….

Getting your home, which is your biggest investment, a strong solid Foundation in a hurry is essential!

So that you can live in your happy home, worry free…

We Are a Professional House Leveling and a Passionate Remodeling Agency

House Leveling

Providing quality foundation repair services in the RGV to residential and commercial business’s as well.  We provide the best house leveling and business leveling in the RGV…

Sheet Rock Repair

Because sometimes foundation malfunctions happen, it takes a toll inside your home, and we repair what is needed for your house leveling needs, plus your interior wall needs. Sheet rock repair and other carpentry work for your home in the RGV

Roofing Repair

Although roofing repairs might not sound like you need help with, when your foundation breaks, and you need house leveling services, your roof will get cracks as well, and we will help you with that…and provide better pricing and service because we helped you with your house leveling in the RGV already, doesn’t it make sense?

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Protect Your Investment

Angel House Leveling and Remodeling Agency

House Leveling and Foundation Repair in the RGV

Angel House Leveling offers quality RGV House Leveling and Affordable Foundation Repair Services to residential and commercial customers in the entire Rio Grande Valley.

We  provide the best in service in pier and beam foundation repair and house leveling. Whether your home is unstable due to natural causes or poor construction and foundation work that can cause the ground to move and shift, we can level the structure for you and this will save you lots of money in the long run.

Protect your biggest investment by making sure your foundation is performing as it should.

No job is too small or too large

We also do home improvement projects, roofing, driveways , framing, painting, room additions, and sheet rock repair.

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House Leveling or Foundation Repairs in the RGV

Angel House Leveling and RGV Foundation Repair has a few ways of repairing your foundation problems.  Some of the ways to repair foundations is with:


Pier Installations

Piling or piering is the technique of driving steel pipe pilings to remedy failing building foundations and to correct foundation settlement.


Concrete Pilings & Piers

Concrete pier foundation repair is one of the oldest methods of foundation repair in use in the Rio Grande Valley. When properly installed, a concrete pier will provide long term foundation support. All concrete pier types require large holes and more landscape removal than steel piers.


Resistance or Steel Push Piers

Resistance piers / push piles are an excellent choices for underpinning and shoring existing structures. Galvanized steel resistance piers are hydraulically installed to support or re-level existing foundations. These piers are then jam packed with grout and threaded bar and are installed vertically and adjacent to the foundation walls.

Harlingen House Leveling and Foundation Repair for the RGV

House Leveling or Foundation Repairs in the RGV

For Foundation Repair or House Leveling Needs

A problem with your foundation can create problems that could require extensive home repair. Rather than covering up these issues with temporary fixes or repair “bandages,” why not address the root of the problem?

Identifying the source of your foundation issues can help reduce costly repairs down the road. Angel House Leveling offers a cost-effective and thorough foundation inspection to determine the exact cause and the best solution.

Angel House Leveling is committed to making the project at your home as easy and affordable as possible. We accept checks and also payment plans through the duration of the job  Schedule A Free estimate by Contacting Us Today!

What Angel House Leveling and Remodeling Agency Does For You

We closely look at your foundation, and notice if foundation repair is needed with your house leveling needs.  We do that for you with our free consultation…

So we give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down…

Best House Leveling Business for your RGV needs


Our reputation depends on it. See what our customers are saying…

Very dependable and affordable. Highly recommend

Nelda Hernandez

Angel House Leveling leveled my old wooden home. It looked like hard work and they took care of it in a couple of days. My house was inches off the ground and they were able to raise it about a foot and a half, with no problems. The support they built is sturdy and looks nice. Great price, quality work, and excellent customer service.

I have also used them for roof repair and wooden panel repair. I recommend them and would suggest you call them for an estimate on your next house project.

Don Miguel Escamilla

I hire this company 15 months ago to fix foundation issues. I have had no problems whatsoever with their work. Ran into the owner at our local Home Depot and again hire him to do some other work on the property and I was not disappointed.

I really like that company owner is the one involve in the work and never leaves the work site. Other other companies, once you provide a down payment , you don’t even get to see the main guy again until its time to payment again. I would hire this guy again!!!

Margie Campti

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